How to keep consistent audience engagement

To do or Not To do?: 5 Questions to Keep in Mind for Consistent Audience Engagement

Starting a podcast is one thing, but maintaining a consistent audience engagement is another. It’s a constant struggle. As the number of podcasts contents grow, one may argue that it’s an even harder job than starting the podcast itself.

Now, I know that in the current strict competition, things can get pretty intense and this puts you in a lot of pressure. You may be even considering just giving up. I’m telling you now, DON’T. We can’t let all of your efforts go down the drain now, can we? I GOT YOU. 

Breathe and take notes, okay?

“Who is Listening?”

Before anything else, you have got to know who is listening to you. Are they children? Angsty teenagers? Moms? Old people in nursing homes? You have to know your general audience to make sure you know what to offer and what topics to focus on. Cater to their needs. Maybe release relatable contents. There is no questioning the power of being able to relate. All of us like to feel included.

What Do I Sound Like?”

Since we are talking about podcasts, the way you talk is important. You have to be aware of how you sound and how people hear you. Maybe have your honest friend listen to you and give you constructive criticisms. Take notes of that and use it to improve. 

“What is the Trend?”

I know with the fast development of trends, it’s exhausting to keep up. It seems like everyday, there are at least 5 trends that are circulating. Be it words, phrases, dance, it could be anything. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming as well as annoying. But you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Utilize these trends and use it as an advantage to improve your content and engage as many listeners as possible. I mean, it won’t hurt to know who the #The CEO of Tiktok is, right? (Spoiler: it’s not the kind of “CEO” you are thinking)

“Am I Being Inclusive?”

Keep your audiences engaged by including them in the conversation. Don’t make them feel like they are just your listeners. Establish a connection. Make them feel like they are actually talking to you. Ask questions and have them answer in the comments. Like I said, all of us like to feel included. 

“Do I Like What I Do?”

It is important to know the technicalities, yes. It’s a major factor in keeping a podcast alive. Sometimes, it stresses you out and it kind of takes the fun away. You have to balance it out. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself while doing it. Your listeners can feel it. When they do, it affects their mood too. It’s fun to witness someone do things with enthusiasm and excitement. It’s a magical moment to witness and be shared. 

With the attention span of people getting shorter by the day, it really is tricky to keep consistent audience engagement. Much more to keep them coming back. This thing is not fool-proof. But that doesn’t make it impossible. As long as you continue to cater to their needs, give them your promised quality content, and actually care about them (believe me, they know), then keep doing you. 

Have you finished your notes? Keep them in case you need a reminder. 

You got this!