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Are Podcasts Vital for Your Digital Marketing Plan?

When we hear about digital marketing, we automatically think of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, email, etc, but what about Podcasts? Do podcasts have enough relevance for it to be worth putting our digital marketing efforts into?

Actually, yes! Here are some facts and stats that will convince you even more:

Podcast listeners are much more active on every social media channel

According to the latest Podcast Listener Statistics (USA, October 2020), 94% are active on at least one social media channel – vs 81% of the population. Given this fact, it’s obvious that podcasts would most certainly help you widedn the range of your audiences. Listeners would help increase awareness by word of mouth through their social media platforms which would also give you User-Generated Content (UGC).

Podcast listeners are most likely to follow companies and brands on social media

If you want your social media pages to grow and have more followers, it would be good for you to advertise them on podcasts. Either by being a guest or making one yourself! Remember, that when it comes to marketing, the more you are seen, the better.

69% agreed that Podcast ads made them aware of new products or services

Listeners are more likely to listen to ads on podcasts than any other medium. One of the reasons for this is that the podcast hosts usually read the ads and they’re too integrated into the program. In addition to this, 54% of podcast consumers say they think about an advertised product while 17% of them are much more likely to buy those.

Brands that advertise products and services during a business podcast have a 12% lift in purchase intent

The goal of every business is for people to avail or buy their products and/or services. This statistic just proves that podcasts do help in increasing the number of your prospects which might soon turn into a lead and eventually—a customer. 

Businesses spent $497 million on podcast advertising in 2018

This one is the biggest proof of how effective being on a podcast is for your business. Businesses have been spending this much on podcast advertising because they have proven it effective for digital marketing. It is also estimated that starting in 2020, marketers will spend $1 billion on podcast advertising every year.

Podcast is one of the fastest-growing platforms. With all the facts presented above, it’s no doubt one of the best places to advertise and grow your business! I can definitely say that having a podcast is indeed vital for your digital marketing plan. After all, numbers don’t lie.

If you’re new to podcasts but is interested in making one, you can read this How to Start a Podcast blog to guide you!

build your authority online

How to Build Your Authority Online

Building Authority Online: Ways and Tips to Get Started

I wonder why you landed on this article.

Is it perhaps because you’re exhausted from staying at low-tier companies?
If so, is it because you kinda want to stay in that company but you also want to dominate over your competitors and earn your company the “most trusted” tags in the industry?


I’d be lying if I said that it wouldn’t be difficult to accomplish, because, believe it or not, it is.

However, bear in mind that it’s only “difficult,” but not entirely “impossible.” With the right strategies and operations, you could get your company to twinkle among the millions of competitors surrounding online, you could even lay all your expertise on the surface and people would trust you because you are a prominent and a dominant source.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But how exactly do we build authority online?

Guest Post- Write for Prominent Publishers / Major Outlets

Literally, you show your expertise by guest posting. In order to gain more audience, and markets to expand, you have to exhibit your works, not on your own website, but on others’ pages.  Pick the outlets that are far more experienced in the field and have built enough authority for their business. When your content is successfully published in major outlets with prominent publishers, that would mean that you’d also build a huge reputation and that you’d also gain the trust of the audience that websites had.

Create Blogs with awesome content

Did you know that writing content could be a way to set apart your company from the other ones? It’s one way to make room for comparisons – comparing whether your company produces a more exceptional content rather than the blogs of your competitors. Remember that one way to build authority online is to invest in creating more blogs and awesome content – original and not generated from other resources. It’s a great strategy as it could be cited by other experts  – ones that already have enough authority online and this would mean that your content can be viewed as credible and valid. 

Podcast Guesting

Podcast platform has outgrown the era of establishment as it has already reached a million of people. This is why podcast guesting (click to read more about why podcast guesting is a YAY)  could also be an effective strategy in building your authority. Basically, it’s best to place yourself on different platforms for more drives of trust and later on, revenues. 

Publish an E-book 

Blogs are usually short and most of the time, you’d like to elaborate more about the topic. This is when Ebooks come in. It would take greater time, but would even more drive markets/revenues for you.  You might also want to give away your e-books for free to build your email list.

Host Webinars 

Hosting webinars allow your audiences to see, hear, and interact with you. Webinars are as important as the other strategies as these mean generating contents for your resources, and generating materials as well. This is a time-consuming event but the good thing is that you allow people to engage with you directly making it easier for them and more fun – Another strategy to build your credibility in the digital space. 

Continue Publishing Original Content

Once everything is in place, you need to make consistency as your habit. Continue producing original content – ones that are engaging, influencing, and informative for your audience to let them see that you are a total rockstar in producing awesome content.

Everything takes time and huge paint of effort before you can even see the results. But there will always be ways to guide you so that you can keep going.

So, are you up for the challenge? Build your own authority online!