The Year of No Nonsense With Meredith Atwood

The Year of No Nonsense With Meredith Atwood


Meredith Atwood is a former attorney turned podcaster, motivational speaker, and 4x IRONMAN triathlete. She is the author of the best-selling triathlon book, Triathlon for the Every Woman, and the new book, The Year of No Nonsense. She doesn’t stop there, though. Meredith is also the host of the iTunes Top 50 fitness podcast, The Same 24 Hours.

Meredith has been featured in The Boston Globe, The New York Post, the Seattle Times, and dozens of online publications. She is a contributing writer to Psychology Today online, Triathlete Magazine, and men’s Running. She is a sobriety advocate and the founder of Grateful Sobriety. Meredith is a USA Weightlifting Level II, USA Triathlon Level I, and Precision Nutrition Level I Coach. Meredith is originally from Georgia and is currently living in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband and two tweens.


  • During the dark times, what catapulted change? (10:20)
  • When you started drinking was it a means of coping? (19:31)
  • How did you go from being an attorney to a speaker and podcaster (23:55)
  • What did the year of no nonsense look like for you? (34:35)
  • What is the nonsense of comparison that is ruining your progress?(40:38)
  • What is the cost of nonsense? (45:17)
  • What did your journey to no nonsense look like? (48:20)
  • Any tips on what someone can do once they have identified the nonsense in their life? (51:15)
  • What was it like to become a triathlete? (54:53)
  • What does courage look like to you? (56:58)


  • Who the heck Meredith Atwood is (1:51)
  • How Meredith’s spark moment began her quest for fitness (4:58)
  • The darkness Meredith faced that led to suffering (6:15)
  • What Meredith believed was the biggest thing standing in her way (6:53)
  • How Meredith’s yard sale of a life led to a year of no nonsense (7:50)
  • Why addiction serves a purpose in your life (9:08)
  • Meredith’s mission (9:58)
  • The events that led to her husband leaving a note saying, “You need to get your shit together.” (10:57)
  • Meredith’s thoughts on when she is asked, “How did you quit drinking?” (13:30)
  • Meredith’s take on when people say, “I don’t want to live.” (15:10)
  • What does showing up for yourself mean (17:32)
  • That alcohol is a destruction and not a coping mechanism (22:34)
  • What to do if you hate your job (27:10)
  • How to write your dreams (31:43)
  • How we all have our own personal brands of nonsense (34:46)
  • The biggest takeaway from the book The Year of No Nonsense (36:30)
  • Meredith’s challenge to you (38:00)
  • How the fear of failure is the worst kind of stuck (41:45)
  • What the truth onion is (48:48)
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The Year of No Nonsense With Meredith Atwood

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