Developing New Products Using Machine Learning with Max Sklar

Developing New Products Using Machine Learning with Max Sklar


The Local Maximum is hosted and produced by Max Sklar. Max is a software engineer and new product developer by trade, with a focus on machine learning, Bayesian inference, content discovery, and prototyping. The bulk of his work as a machine learning engineer was at Foursquare, where he built Foursquare City Guide’s critically acclaimed 10-point venue rating system and the Marsbot app. More recently, he led the development of a causality model for Foursquare’s Ad Attribution product and now works at Foursquare’s innovation lab.

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We speak about:

    • [00:30 ] About Max Sklar
    • [02:00 ] How did you get into the world of data?
    • [06:05 ] About the recommender system at Foursquare
    • [10:15 ] Why do you like solving open-ended problems?
    • [12:20 ] How has your new role been?
    • [14:20 ] What are the benefits of staying at a company for a long period of time?
    • [20:00 ] About the attribution side of Foursquare
    • [26:40 ] How do you pick the innovations you are going to try?
    • [28:50 ] How does the monthly pitch day work?
    • [31:20 ] About Local Max Radio



  • “Try a few ways and see what works.”
  • “I am looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble people cause.”
  • “I focus on making a splash on pushing forward technology.”
  • “Getting things to work that no one has necessarily tried before – that no one in our company has tried before.”

“It’s tough to describe probability functions to end clients, it’s always good to have that on your side”.

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Developing New Products Using Machine Learning with Max Sklar

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