We’re raising funds to support daily wager families through Bhumi


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The whole world is suffering – and is trying to cope with huge losses. But those without any job security or savings are the most vulnerable.

With the 21-day lockdown and the already crippling effect of Coronavirus on the economy, the worst-hit are the daily wage earners. They have lost their jobs and are continuing to do so. These unemployed individuals have been identified through our GiveIndia’s trusted nonprofit partners who are working on the ground to help poor communities fight Coronavirus.


Daily wagers are those street vendors – flower seller, ironing push cart, pani puri guy, the newspaper vendor and so on. You would have used their goods or services at least once a week? Instead of buying goods/ services, if you can, just help them survive through this crisis.

You can support these families by providing financial assistance till the CoVid-19 virus crisis passes. Be the champion and stand by at least one family – ₹ 5,000 ($65) helps 1 family in a Tier-2 city and ₹ 7,000 ($92) helps 1 family in a Tier-1 city.

I am taking up this initiative to directly support these families by providing a minimum wage in cash, hopefully with your support, till the virus abates and they are in employment again. 

Thank you,

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Thank you to the following people for donating!

Thanks to everyone who donated! We’re able to feed four families for a month!