build your authority online

How to Build Your Authority Online

Building Authority Online: Ways and Tips to Get Started

I wonder why you landed on this article.

Is it perhaps because you’re exhausted from staying at low-tier companies?
If so, is it because you kinda want to stay in that company but you also want to dominate over your competitors and earn your company the “most trusted” tags in the industry?


I’d be lying if I said that it wouldn’t be difficult to accomplish, because, believe it or not, it is.

However, bear in mind that it’s only “difficult,” but not entirely “impossible.” With the right strategies and operations, you could get your company to twinkle among the millions of competitors surrounding online, you could even lay all your expertise on the surface and people would trust you because you are a prominent and a dominant source.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

But how exactly do we build authority online?

Guest Post- Write for Prominent Publishers / Major Outlets

Literally, you show your expertise by guest posting. In order to gain more audience, and markets to expand, you have to exhibit your works, not on your own website, but on others’ pages.  Pick the outlets that are far more experienced in the field and have built enough authority for their business. When your content is successfully published in major outlets with prominent publishers, that would mean that you’d also build a huge reputation and that you’d also gain the trust of the audience that websites had.

Create Blogs with awesome content

Did you know that writing content could be a way to set apart your company from the other ones? It’s one way to make room for comparisons – comparing whether your company produces a more exceptional content rather than the blogs of your competitors. Remember that one way to build authority online is to invest in creating more blogs and awesome content – original and not generated from other resources. It’s a great strategy as it could be cited by other experts  – ones that already have enough authority online and this would mean that your content can be viewed as credible and valid. 

Podcast Guesting

Podcast platform has outgrown the era of establishment as it has already reached a million of people. This is why podcast guesting (click to read more about why podcast guesting is a YAY)  could also be an effective strategy in building your authority. Basically, it’s best to place yourself on different platforms for more drives of trust and later on, revenues. 

Publish an E-book 

Blogs are usually short and most of the time, you’d like to elaborate more about the topic. This is when Ebooks come in. It would take greater time, but would even more drive markets/revenues for you.  You might also want to give away your e-books for free to build your email list.

Host Webinars 

Hosting webinars allow your audiences to see, hear, and interact with you. Webinars are as important as the other strategies as these mean generating contents for your resources, and generating materials as well. This is a time-consuming event but the good thing is that you allow people to engage with you directly making it easier for them and more fun – Another strategy to build your credibility in the digital space. 

Continue Publishing Original Content

Once everything is in place, you need to make consistency as your habit. Continue producing original content – ones that are engaging, influencing, and informative for your audience to let them see that you are a total rockstar in producing awesome content.

Everything takes time and huge paint of effort before you can even see the results. But there will always be ways to guide you so that you can keep going.

So, are you up for the challenge? Build your own authority online!  

How To Keep Your Listeners Engaged

How To Keep Your Listeners Engaged

How To Keep Your Listeners Engaged

There are so many topics that haven’t crossed our minds. Some are similar to others, some have made a redevelopment for it, and that leads us to run out of ideas. It’s actually fatal to our own podcasts since we earn from our contents, we go viral for the information we spread, and not being able to feed our consumers the content that will interest them,  could lead to downfalls. 

But not to worry! If you’re struggling with the same problem, I’m here to give you some tips that will help you fill your content plans!

#1 Always Consider Your Audience

People always think first of contents rather than thinking who their audience is. Which is wrong. You have to think who will be listening to your podcasts first before coming up with content. Because even though you come up with the best topic in the world, if you’re selling it to the wrong person, you’re not gonna earn from it. So, identify your audience, research about their interests, and what will make them lured into your podcasts. 

#2 Research for the Trends

When you get to know your audiences, it’s also time to research trends. Focusing on your existing audiences is a good tactic but attracting new and raw audiences will make you gain profit and attention as well. That’s why it is customary to grab the chances of investing in trends since people will be more up to it and will be more than willing to put their time on it. 

#3 Create Educational Yet Entertaining Contents

No matter how informative and helpful your contents are, you also have to take into account how indulging your show would be. That’s why educating and entertaining should go hand-in-hand and should never be one without the other. Find the balance in imparting information and being creative on how you deliver your data. There should be a twist, a turn of events. But not always. Consider the weight of the topics too. 

#4 Notice the Listener’s Responses

Podcasts aren’t a one-way medium, but you also have to pay attention to your listener’s response to you, especially when you conducted a Q and A session. You never know but you also gain insights from the audiences aside from socializing with them. 

#5 Invite Experts

Experts are there to save the show as well. Especially if people love your guests, they will definitely watch more of your future shows. Experts are there for a more quality Podcast episode- educational, entertaining, and life-influencing. 

Podcasting surely is an indulging platform worth spending time to. So, to sustain its quality, keep on creating quality content.  For a more expanded paradigm, keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep on educating! If you ever run out of ideas, always remember the basics and dive into it. 

How to Monetize your Podcast?

Podcast Tips | 5 Effective Ways to Monetize Your Podcast?

How to Monetize your Podcast?

You probably had a big vision for your podcast – how it will run smoothly, what would the contents be, who is gonna be the guest, etc. Basically, it’s the passion that’s speaking at first, but what could be a  way to sustain podcasting? It’s not just about producing episodes anymore, but finding out how you could monetize it or how you’ll earn from it.

There are two ways to do so – directly, and indirectly. Direct monetizing means gaining from your own original content, from your own creations, such as your own scripts, repurposed contents, etc. While indirect monetizing means your podcast is a tool to sell other things. 

If you want to find out more, check this out:

  • Donations – this is a common way to make money out of your podcasts. You could set up a donation/ funding drive for your listeners. Your audiences surely would be happy to provide pennies for you so long as you keep on producing content that interests them. But Podremember not to sound like you’re using the money for a different reason. Since your contents are what they are after, tell them that it would be of use for your future outputs. 
  • Make Premium Episodes for Sale – There will be an instance that your listener will have favorites among your episodes. You could grab that chance to make some episodes a premium one and put it into the purchase. Set only the favorites into special recordings and sell them. That way, your listeners might spend a buck for a premium one of their favorites!
  • Put restrictions into your Older Episodes – This is also one way to make money on Podcasts. If you’re on it for a long time now, instead of creating special recordings, you could sell those contents that are older. That way, people will intend to buy if they ever find the need to hear those previous great contents. 
  • Use Youtube as a place for your Podcasts – Youtube is another way to monetize. You can publish your podcasts as videos on youtube, and just like any other videos there, you could earn from it based on views, likes, subscribers, comments, etc.
  • Sell upgrades of Contents – Your listeners will always ought for more exclusive experiences. This is why you should take advantage of it. Say for example that you talked about overcoming stress and such on your first episode, the next episode would be about something even bigger for your listeners to pay for it. 

These are just some of the basic ways to monetize your podcast. There are actually a lot more if you’ll look into it more. But this could be good enough for someone who’s only starting. So, go and produce more podcasts episodes with great content! Doing so will appeal to every audience and they might not even think twice of spending their money on you! 

Podcast difference from the rest

Four Major Difference of Podcast from Other Platforms

What Makes Podcast a Special Platform?

Podcast had established a great length of connection and stability to its users. Over the years, we’ve witnessed how this platform competed against other applications. Even against traditional media such as the radio. Considering the growing population, which involves people who are not yet familiar with Podcasts, this sample often has a question. What does Podcast offer that it is labeled as something special?

To answer the question, here are the reasons why it is:

Podcasts are portable.

People who are busy with their lives and career paths have no time for complicated and tedious applications to indulge with. Thus, this qualifies Podcasts as the best alternative because they are easy to consume. Podcast episodes are easy to download. You can carry and listen to them whenever or wherever part of the world you are.

Podcasts are intimate. 

The information dumped on Podcasts is purposely personal. Directly talking to them and setting the target right is one way for the hosts and whole staff to connect to their listeners. In this way, podcasters know who they are affecting and influencing with their words and advice.

 Podcasts can be used for Business Marketing as well. 

Many advertisers now consider promoting on Podcasts because of its immense popularity. Through Podcasts, one can attract new audiences and even keep their existing ones engaged. Promoting on it is considered effective for it is a medium that cuts costs but is highly efficient when it comes to sales. 

Education can be incorporated with Podcasts

Since Podcasts require the sense of hearing, it gets to test one’s listening skills and capability to comprehend information. Thus, it can be a good source of learning materials, especially for students. Not to say that Podcasts are not only educational. They can also be entertaining and you can literally talk about anything under the sun. Your choice. You choose!

Podcasts are continuously evolving throughout the years. In fact, It reaches more than a thousand consumers every now and then. So, if you’re still not convinced, go and download one of your favorite topics on Podcasts and be all ears on it! Enjoy and spread the word!

How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

It’s easy for people to say that they want to launch their own podcast, to write their own scripts, to feature guests, and to record everything. But, what’s hard is taking actual actions regarding these. We get thrilled when some popular #Podcasters release one podcasts you can relate to, but we easily get scared and then we just wash away the thought of producing our own.

Not to deny, nothing ever comes off easy. So is Podcasting. But what makes a thing easy for people to do is when you commit yourself to actually doing it, and believing more in yourself and your capabilities.

But then again, where to start?

Well, I’m here to guide you step-by-step as to how you can start your own podcast as a beginner.

1. With an inspired brain, comes a great idea!

  • First, you have to think about the theme of your podcast. You have to label it with a brand that will set it apart from all the other podcasts out there. Considering that there are millions, you have to think of what could be a good identity for your own, for people to distinguish its difference from others.
  • Secondly, you have to identify who will be your audiences, and you do researches about them. The more insights you have, the more you’ll know how to connect to them.
  • After knowing who will be your listeners, you have to formulate the contents of your Podcast. Focus on thinking what could be the first bomb to be thrown that will surprise the audiences. Think like you’re launching a rocket to space, yes, that big. Because the success of your Podcast lies at the hands of your first release. You have to really get them at the first appearance.

Basically, step one is all about using your brain. Formulating, brainstorming, and planning. When you have already chosen the content that you want to discuss in your podcast, you may now incorporate it with the overall design of how the show would look like.

2. Know your Equipment.

Podcast involves recording, and so the audio-visual part should not be compromised. Producing your own podcast, should make you mindful of everything you’ll need for recording.

  • Microphones — You don’t need the most expensive microphone to have a quality recording. Always check your budget and your future finances so you don’t get short when things get ugly. As long as the microphone could register voice effectively, it should work fine.
  • Recorder — This is just as important as the microphone. You have to store recordings here so you always have a back-up when files are missing. Again, it doesn’t have to be expensive or the best one in town, it just has to function well, and it shouldn’t produce a poor quality of recording.
  • Software Editor for Audio — When plans A and B failed to work, there must be a proceeding plan. In this case, it’s this. Even if you made sure that the microphones and recorders are all set, we could sometimes overlook some technical problems and natural noise. But when you have software for audio editing, you’re good. Choose an editor that could fix the audio’s problem or one that could improve the recording more.

Now, those are all the equipment that you have to take care of. However, what is equipment without the skills? You also have to train yourself how to speak. Consider the tone, the emphasis, the voice quality, clarity, and confidence to top them all. Of course, to remind, these things should be incorporated with the contents and theme of your Podcast.


3. Getting a guest to be featured on your Podcast.

This portion really does help the podcast to grow big. Same as how podcasts can help the guests to gain more audiences. Feature guests that will surely be appealing to the audiences — the ones who can tell compelling stories and knowledge, and ones who can even invoke emotions.

Now, after completing all these steps, off you go and share your podcasts to different platforms! Let it grow big and reach more than your targeted audiences. Let your title, “beginner,” changed through time! From one who just started, to becoming a professional podcaster, maybe one of the bests of all time.

Good luck!

Podcast Guesting

Podcast Guesting — Yay or Nah?

Podcast Guesting — Yay or Nah?

Over the years, we‘ve seen how the podcast industry grew. It has become one of the mainstream media that people embraced like they did on other media platforms. But speaking of other ones, some are apprehensive about what’s in it for them if they choose to be featured as guests on a podcast.

Would they really make a breakthrough by guesting? Would it really stamp something good in their career? Questions like these always form in our heads because we lack the faith of doing so. We think that it’s a risk that’s never going to be worth at the end. But what’s life without a little risk?

If you’re that person and you’re looking for an extra push, let me do it for you.

Why being featured as a guest on Podcast holds a superior advantage?

1. You successfully send your message across.

You may not see it yet but guesting on a podcast gives you the opportunity to deliver the message you are trying to impart to your audiences. During the interview, you have the chance to explain, elaborate, clear confusing histories of your words, and even make people fall in love with your personality. That leads us to the second advantage.

2. You gain more audience even if you differ from your field of study.

When you successfully explain your ideas, people other than your target audiences will try to make sense and constitute meanings out of your words. They’d even get fanatical about you, because as they say, “brain is the new sexy.” When the audiences see and hear how well you know your craft, they’d be able to put their trust on you and that says something positive about your credibility.

And…there’s nothing sexier than that!

3. Build solid relationships and become a trusted source in the industry.

Appearing on a podcast and being interviewed by its popular host, would be a great deal for you. Because having done that, you have basically engaged with people in the different walks of their life. It could certainly boost your reputation. Who knows? One interview may turn into episodes, episodes to form a series, a series to become seasons! And so on, and so forth. Just one successful guesting and you’ll be thanking it for the rest of your life.

4. Calls to Action.

It’s not only about sending your message to your audiences, but taking that desired action after instilling the ideas. Say that you successfully made your audiences understand what you are saying and they now hold importance to you. It doesn’t end there. Podcast guesting will let you tell your listeners about what you can do to help and how they can contact you for future collaborations as well.

These are just some of the major advantages of guesting on a Podcast. Is it a Yay or a Nah? Definitely, a YAY! If you want to build your expertise, you should consider doing it by Podcast guesting. Take also into account that your contents may not always fit into blogs alone, but you could sell it more with Podcast guesting! It’s not really a risk to take since getting into one would open a lot of doors for your career.

So, book now, doubts away, take on your first podcast guesting, and enjoy!