We ensure that every penny spent on us, are pennies worth investing.

Podcast Booking

Get interviewed and promote your brand without stressing over finding leads. We guarantee confirmed bookings with the shows you take an interest in. We translate your showing interest to closing the deal for you!

PR Opportunities Monitoring

Gain more exposure and be well-recognized by getting featured on various media companies around the globe.

Outreach Campaigns

We can get you clients, sponsors, influencers, guest writers, bloggers, etc. We ensure that we find the best resource person for your line of work.


See what they are saying about us

  • Traci Ruble

    They phoned some very good and very niche fits. Definitely glad I took the leap of faith to work with this new agency. Well worth the money.

    Traci Ruble
    SF-based Psychotherapist and Founder of Sidewalk Talk


Closing the deal with Pitch and Press is a piece of cake for you as it only comes with three simple steps:


Share parts of your life with us - Tell relevant information about yourself, what you’re interested in, and your target audience.


We’ll narrow down choices so we can easily filter and select the perfect PR opportunity for you


Once we get a confirmed booking, we’ll send you the invoice and immediately connect you to the reporter/host.


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